iDrive Academy has over 200 FIVE STAR reviews on Google and FaceBook!

My son Ethan passed 1st time after having lessons with Steve of iDrive. He’d had lessons with other companies but they just didn’t cut it and weren’t on point. We came down to Steve and West Perth from Clarkson due to a referral from a friend. Thanks so much to Steve and our friend.

Peter Arnold – Clarkson

Yo Sleiman, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping me pass first time. I hugely appreciate your help in helping me adapt to a new car extremely quickly in time for the test and would definitely recommend you to anyone who’s looking to learn driving. Cheers.

Kevin Hu – Nedlands

Signing up for lessons with iDrive was one of the best decisions I’ve made. A huge shout out to all the fabulous staff – but an even bigger thank you HAS to go to my instructor, Steve!

As someone who suffers from anxiety, getting on the road and passing my test has been a goal I’ve been aiming for for many years. I’ve gone through multiple schools, and several instructors, but none of them made me feel more at ease on the road than Steve.

Within no time, I was nailing the various forms of parking and the other skills required to pass with ease. I’m fortunate to have gotten to know Steve over the last few weeks – his easy going and fun attitude is honestly infectious – he distracted me from feeling anxious entirely! Whether it was cracking a spontaneous joke, or belting along to songs on the radio and asking for my opinion on his singing voice (and/or his new lyric choices), I was always happy to turn up to lessons and drive his Beemer.

Thank you for everything, Steve. I’ll miss singing along to the radio with you, putting on ridiculous voices, and complaining about stupid drivers on the road. You’re a true legend.

Haylee Perryman – Dianella

Dear Steve. I cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts with Ethan and taking him to his driving test. This would have been challenging for all concerned given Ethan had so many fails up to this one when you took him on. I will be telling everyone about your wonderful service, which takes some very special qualities to perform. I am really grateful to you. Kirsten – Ethan Wren’s mum

Kirsten Wren – Claremont

Steve is hands down best in the business, I would recommend any learner driver to try and make a booking. If you’re lucky enough to receive a lesson with the great man, you’re not only guaranteed to become a better a driver but you’ll emerge with some valuable life lessons. The man is second to none, helped me pass first go.

Alex Crump – Swanbourne

I can’t thank iDrive enough for getting me to pass my PDA after being too frightened to get in the car before lessons! Scott was a terrific instructor who knows the ins and outs of all the possible routes and tricks that catch people out. Couldn’t recommend iDrive enough 🙂

Maddie Post – Wembley Downs

I needed to upgrade my auto license to manual on a short notice due to an upcoming overseas trip. Called iDrive on Sunday and quickly got everything arranged for the PDA on next wednesday. The instructor (Sleiman) was very professional and managed to adjust to my tight schedule. Just three days later i passed the pda despite not having driven a manual car for more than five years. That’s the quality of service I would always like to see!

Stanislav Bakulin – Northbridge

iDrive was the absolute best. Can’t thank my amazing instructor Michal enough. Would 100% recommend iDrive, really good responding time and great at finding time for lessons that work around uni schedule. Thanks a million

Emily Kelly – Palmyra

iDrive is for sure the only place to go for driving lessons and for you to pass your PDA ( driving test ) – I had Push who taught me auto and I felt really confident on the road after 5 lessons and ended passing my PDA feeling awesome !! ( and your mates get around you as well !! ).

Stevo Vincent – Claremont

Absolutely top stuff from iDrive. My instructor Julian and the team have a great set up going with quality teaching, great cars, and a welcoming attitude that helps make the PDA a much less stressful experience. Julian and I have had some great chats about all kinds of interesting things along the way, and he is very knowledgable about both vehicle mechanics and the PDA requirements. It has been an excellent journey with iDrive from start to finish.

David Brauhart – Mount Claremont

The experience I had with the drivers from iDrive was awesome. Having driven with Steve, Scott and Push, they all knew how to build up my confidence as a driver, take out the stress and make driving fun. Every lesson was always a joy and they knew how to tailor their teaching techniques to myself as an individual. Their use of humour and encouragement really helped me take on all the daunting road rules. They really made me feel like a valued friend and student and not just a time slot in their schedule to get out of the way. Thanks for helping me pass and for making me laugh guys 🙂

Chrissie Lam – North Perth

Amazing driving school, passed first time. My driving instructor was Sleiman, every situation in my PDA I was familiar with because of him, great character. Thank you :)!

Taj Dutton – Wembley Downs

iDrive is most certainly the best driving school in Perth! Steve taught me everything that I needed to know to pass my test, while making me laugh along the way. Very efficient in teaching key skills and processes for you to drive like a pro. I would never have been able to complete my test without the support and guidance from Steve. Would recommend to all who want to pass first time!

Liv Stowell – City Beach

I had a good experience with iDrive Academy. I passed my manual driving test today. I would like to thank my driving instructor Julian. He is really awesome and great instructor. He gives his heart and soul in teaching you how to drive perfectly and smoothly. I would like to recommend iDrive Academy and Julian to every one who wants to take a driving test.

Phuntsho Wangdi – Como

Steve is an amazing instructor! Wouldn’t have been able to pass with out him always fabulous thanks for the good times !!

Peely Mantle- Mosman Park

Push was the best driving instructor .. he offered constructive criticism and kindness! iDrive academy is the way to go 👍👍

Pip Lavell-Lee – Claremont

I had a great experience with iDrive Academy. My instructors were Scott and Push, and I was given very useful and wonderful tips and practice for my driving. A big thanks to them both, and I would certainly recommend iDrive Academy in preparation for your driving test!

Gurashish Singh – Mirrabooka

Passed on my first go thanks to Scott!! Learnt more with him than with a previous instructor within a shorter period. He was very patient and an excellent teacher. Will 100% recommend 🙂

Mami Arai – Tuart Hill

Although it was a last minute request, iDrive scheduled appointments that suited my time. Thank you Michal for being so friendly and teaching me all the tips and rules clearly! – He is an excellent instructor who is very passionate in his teaching! Thank you so much!! Out of all my instructors Michal is definitely the best! Would definitely recommend 🙂

Anna Ha – Jolimont

Steve and iDrive were great, I really enjoyed my lessons with Steve, always a good laugh which helped to make me feel really relaxed when driving! With a week of 6 intense driving lessons Steve got me test ready and I don’t think I would have passed without him. iDrive was accommodating and whenever there was a problem Steve was there to make sure everything was solved! I highly recommend iDrive not only for the high quality teaching but for the good times whilst driving!!

Madeleine Woolgar – Dalkeith

Steve is an absolute legend. I’m happy to say I passed my driving test first attempt thanks to his help. All of my lessons with Steve were really practical and focused on passing the test and perfecting the things the assessor would expect of me on the day. An important part of this was taking the time to get familiar with the area I was being tested in- Steve knows all the routes popular with the assessors off by heart, which meant on the day I felt really comfortable. He was also really great company and I enjoyed every lesson with him. If you want to pass your driving test quite comfortably and learn skills that’ll stay with you for a long time after then I could not recommend GT more.

James Naylor-Pratt – Dalkeith

Steve thanks for teaching Claire to drive and getting her through the test! She has thoroughly enjoyed driving with you. Thanks for your patience, expertise and humour! She is a very happy girl.

Angela Knight – Subiaco

A big thank you from Mitch, Fiona and I for your fine instruction of Mitch and getting him through as quickly as you did. If only we’d had you instructing our older son!  We will certainly recommend you to other parents.

John Barrington – Dalkeith

Thankyou so much! Steve is the greatest instructor out! I learnt so much and had such a great time in our few lessons! Couldn’t have done it without Idrive! I will miss hanging out in Willagee! Thankyou! :)))

Emily Wray – Swanbourne

Passed first time after only a few lessons with Steve! He’s been a fantastic instructor in every way and I would recommend him to all thanks Steve!

Kate Mannolini – Nedlands

Best driving instructor to exist ! Passed first go with Steve- something I didn’t think was possible ! Makes things so much simpler to understand. Have recommended at least 5 other friends to him and as far as I know they all passed first go too 🙂 You can’t go past him!

Sandra Johnston – Crawley

Push is the man! Getting 100% is not impossible if he’s your driving instructor! He is amazingly the best driving instructor I ever had! He gave me awesome tips how to best do my parking. He has personal touch that made the driving lesson relaxed and cool.

Joyce Ann Zara-Cruz – West Perth

I’ve sat tests before with a couple of other instructors but have never felt totally prepared. After just a couple of lessons with Steve, I passed the test easily! Steve’s an awesome guy, who makes you feel totally at ease during lessons. He helped me feel confident behind the wheel and was an endless source of hilarity. Thanks so much, Steve! I would recommend iDrive to everyone.

Tahlia Sanders – Trigg

Steve is an incredible driving instructor who made me laugh and relax every lesson!! taught me everything I needed to know to pass the test! i would highly recommend him to everyone!

Kate Wilson – Swanbourne 

I passed my driving test today at Willagee, after having driving lessons from Scott during last 3 weeks. Scott is pleasant and driving focussed person. I learnt parking skills, 3 point turn, roundabouts, signals, look behind and Flow from him.
Thanks alot Scott.

Kausar Abbas Khan – Perth

Steve is an excellent driving instructor. He is very professional and honest. He knows what you need to do to become a good driver and pass your test first shot. I passed on my first attempt at City West after having 5 lessons with Steve. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an instructor.

Thomas McCrone – Subiaco

Passed my test today, first go, with I drive academy! Couldn’t have done it without the legendary teacher, Steve!! Would recommend all my friends to get him before he lands a record deal or goes on X factor!! Thanks so much Steve!

Leontia Krol – Wembley

A huge thank you to Sleiman who (with great driving expertise and amazingly helpful hints and tips) has not only taught me how to be a safe and skilful driver; but has given me the confidence I needed to pass my test. There was a time when I thought I’d never get my license, but you have shown me otherwise. Thanks for all the laughs, you’re a legend!!

Sarah Johnson – North Perth

I had Scott and he was a great instructor. Though I was super nervous for my test, his teaching methods made passing just a force of habit. Lessons were also priced well which made the whole process way less expensive than I thought it would be.

Cadell Eynon – Wembley

I think with tutors like Slieman who trained me for my overseas transfer on a manual gear , its awesome !!! . Simplified, subject oriented, and flexible. Always encouraged, motivated and made himself available to train. That what is needed to make real drivers.

Edwin Dias – Fremantle

Couldn’t have asked for anything more from IDrive Academy. Steve was a great teacher and a great bloke and I enjoyed every lesson I had with him. I recommend him for anyone wanting to pass their test first go.

 Campbell Mellor – Swanbourne

Push is a legend and a great man. Best driving instructor around.

Sam Devine – Mount Claremont